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Primary Research

Quantitative Methods:

Qualitative Methods:

  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)
    • Full Group ( 8- 9 respondents)
    • Mini Group (4-6 respondents)
  • In-depth interview

Secondary Data

Desk Research

  • Economic Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Cultural Issues
  • Political Issues

Standard procedure of research quality control

  • Qualitative methods
    • Re-visit / back check the respondent conditions
  • Quantitative methods
    • Briefing by role play / simulation
    • Try-out questionnaire through pilot interviewing
    • Witness interviewing (by research executive, field coordinator, supervisor, team leader)
    • Re-visit/back check to the respondents
    • Editing the filled questionnaires


Polling Center carries out the following processes:

  • Checking and Editing: checking data and confirming with the fieldwork team if data is incorrect
  • Coding: Grouping and determining codes for open-ended responses
  • Cleaning:ensuring data is error-fre prior to data being processed

Double entry is available upon client’s request


We cover 33 provinces, urban and extensive to very remote areas.