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The Great Socializers

The Great Socializers

The majority of urban adults had been active in organizations during their school period, from scouts organization and sport club to student governing bodies, student newspapers and religious groups. As adults, the majority of them participate in group activities.

Three-quarter of urban people to attend pengajian or mosque groups once a month, while two-third belong to social community organizations, women’s groups and parent-teachers associations. A popular form of group activity is arisan, which is both a socially and economically beneficial activity, where groups gather on a regular basis to have discussions and collect a certain amount of money from members to be raffled on a rotating basis.

Each group member has the same opportunity to win the raffle in one of the arisan gatherings, which is also a form of saving money. Sometimes the prize is not money but a valuable household appliance, such as microwave oven or a TV set.

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