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Yanti B. Sugarda

This energetic woman is of highly reputable in psychology, advertising, and study in Indonesia. These three subjects cannot be separated from her.

Since 1976 Yanti B. Sugarda has been involved in a number or studies in Indonesia. She conducted not less than 15 researches with BKKBN (Indonesian Family Planning Agency), qualitative and quantitative studies with Unilever Indonesia, 30 studies with media companies; she handled 10 to 20 surveys for housings industries and banking. She also writes articles in foreign printed media, as either a regular correspondent or a guest.

A graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, the University of Indonesia, Yanti also holds a certificate of postgraduate program from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. To date, she is still teaching in some higher educational institutions such as the Postgraduate Program of the University of Indonesia, Unika Atmajaya, and ITKP (Institut Teknologi Komunikasi Pemasaran ― Institute of Technology of Marketing Communication).

Yanti also actively engages in a number of professional organizations such as International Advertising Association (IAA) ― the former President of Indonesia Chapter ―, Indonesian Marketing Association (IMA) ― as a Research Directress; a Directrees of Social Marketing Circle (SMC); and a member of Association of Indonesian Psychologists (HIMPSI), National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO), and Kelompok Kerja Visi Anak Bangsa (VAB).

Completely resourceful with ideas, Yanti is also as sharp as a spike on her analyses and scrupulous in her work. These three features are Yanti’s characteristics. Her study on Indonesian Rural Lifestyle has honored Polling Center a MURI’s record. As if no time to while away, she wrote some poems which have been published in books.

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